Instagram Limitations and Rules

If you want your Instagram account to be active and safe, you will have to follow the rules and limitations strictly. To avoid being banned and also to get user engagement, you need to know every Instagram rule and policy. 

Now wondering what’s the Instagram limits for posts, comments, likes, profiles, and everything else. Come, let’s check it out!

Instagram’s Update on its Ban Policy

Instagram users used to be banned without getting notified and some users claimed that they had not violated Instagram’s terms of use. And the good news is Instagram changed its policy for banning accounts in July 2019. You will no longer be banned from the app without prior notification.

Only when you violate a certain rule of Instagram continuously to the set percentage, you will be banned. Instagram sends a pre-notification to the user saying that their accounts may be terminated for violating the rules. The notification will also describe the violation and how you can move ahead without going against the rules and policies.

It can be annoying for some users but all the rules are just to keep Instagram a safe place for everyone. 

However, when you cross the rules and regulations, Instagram will limit you from certain actions like commenting, liking posts, live videos, posting, following, unfollowing, and DMs. It will take around two weeks for Instagram to undo the blocked actions. 

Forbidden Actions on Instagram

There are a few strict regulations on Instagram that all users must follow. Here is a list of prohibited content on Instagram that no one should ever use. 

  • Gambling
  • Buying and selling alcohol
  • Buying and selling any weapons
  • Harassing or blackmailing someone 
  • Dealing with tobacco
  • Selling live animals
  • Sexual content
  • Pornography
  • Supporting or encouraging violence 
  • Supporting or giving hate speech
  • Intense and violent videos
  • Giving threats of physical or financial harm
  • Encouraging people to self-injure

Instagram never jokes about its community guidelines and if you involve yourself in any of the above-said activities, Instagram will ban you.

But there are scenarios where Instagram will ban you without any prior warning. That includes when you promote content for selling drugs or sexual content.

What to Do When Someone Violates Instagram Rules?

You might wonder how Instagram is going to find out whether you have violated the rules from millions of posts that are being posted every day. 

There is a team that stays active 24/7 to check the content being posted on Instagram by the users. You can also report posts that you feel like going against the community guidelines. Also, Instagram allows users to explain why they posted or shared the content in the Instagram app. 

If you are reporting any post, Instagram will ask you why you are reporting it. And then a team will analyze it. Only if they find it valid, they will delete the content immediately and issue a warning to the user who posted it. 

Instagram’s New Weight loss and Cosmetic Surgery Ad Restrictions

Instagram is not just an app that focuses on money-making, but it really cares about the users.

As a result, it has implemented certain ad restrictions that would otherwise have an impact on sensitive topics such as weight loss, and mental well-being. 

You may now remember Instagram being flooded with weight loss commercials back in the day. This is no longer possible because of Instagram’s new weight loss ad restrictions.

Since it affects users negatively, that is why such advertisements are displayed only to users above 18 years. And that’s also the reason why Instagram asks for your age before signing up. 

They use this data to identify the users and allow them to decide what content they should see. 

As a result of these new guidelines, ads related to weight loss or cosmetic surgery will only be shown to people above 18 years. 

Instagram’s Limitations

Now let’s discuss Instagram’s likes, comments, follow, unfollow limits, and so on.

Although there are no official releases on Instagram’s like and comment limitations, many found it with real experience from using the app. 

There are certain factors that have a huge effect on your actions:

  • Your age in the Instagram account
  • Your follower count
  • Your user engagement
  • Your account activity

Evidently, the new profile has far more limitations than the old profile. Only accounts with higher engagement can perform more actions than the ones with lesser engagement rates. 

  • Follow/Unfollow limit

There is no limit to how many people can follow your account on a day. But you should only follow/unfollow 10 accounts in an hour. That would prevent any suspension and keep you safe. 

  • Likes limit

You are only allowed 1000 likes per day. But to keep your account safe, you can keep it to 700 likes a day. 

  • Comments limit

You can post about 150 to 200 comments a day. But avoid repeating the comments and leave an emoji as a comment because that could look like spam.

  • Caption/Comment character limit

You can use up to 2200 characters in your captions and comments

  • Direct message limit

50 to 80 conversations a day can keep you inside the safe zone. Although these limitations might vary for the new users.

  • Hashtag limit

Per the post, you can use up to 30 hashtags.

  • IGTV limit

IGTV came into existence a year back. You are allowed to create videos for up to 10 minutes but some users can even create up to an hour. 

  • Story limit

100 stories are the minimum you can upload.

  • Tag limit

The maximum number of tagging people should be 20.

  • Account name character limit

You can set your name up to 30 characters


Never take Instagram’s guidelines for granted and always strictly adhere to the rules. Otherwise, your account might get temporarily banned and that will result in lesser user engagement.  Stay within your limits to keep your account safe. When you follow the Instagram guidelines you will have a secure environment.