A Beginner’s Guide for Tips To Record IGTV Content

Video recording though is entirely another thing not everyone is capable to do it. You require skills and practice quite often. But when it comes to promoting your business and selling your products and services, you are willing to do anything. However, you also can’t afford to compromise the quality of your content. 

Sometimes, people are uncomfortable speaking in front of so many people or going live on social media out of hesitation. This also comes in their way of creating video content for digital marketing. But one should not forget the preferences of their customers. You are bound to create content that effectively appeals to your audience and helps you drag huge traffic to your business. Video marketing on Instagram is one of the most commonly used tactics nowadays. It’s because people have a shorter attention span and you have to reflect your brand’s story and objective every time they come across your IGTV videos as readily as possible. 

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Having said all, creating high-quality video content must fall into the first place of your priorities. But if you are still at a loss to know where to begin, go through the following tips we are mentioning in this blog. 

Schedule Your Recording Time

It’s not like whenever you feel to shoot a video you go for it and get it done. You must have a plan beforehand so you can successfully create effective video content.

The best way of doing it is by marking in your calendar the day and time you want to shoot. And make yourself abide by the schedule. When you work according to it, you will have everything in place to prevent any last moment chaos. 

Avoid Distractions

It’s crucial to ensure that no one is around to disturb you when you are shooting the video. You first have to reduce all distractions either by moving to a quiet place or telling the people around you to cooperate with you and don’t break into your shooting place when you are working. You should also avoid using your phone unnecessarily and focus on work. 

Prefer Headphones

Using headphones is quite effective in reducing any background noise. You certainly know the importance of the audible video so the message you want to deliver to your audience can reach them without interruption. 

Arrange Sufficient Lighting

For the production of quality video, solid lighting is always required. If you and the articles being displayed during the video are not visible enough to the viewers, it may hurt your reputation. And the viewers may not show their interest in the future watching your IGTV videos. However, there is no need to go for an extremely professional setup. A good quality ring light can get the job done right. 

Pen Down Bullets To Talk

We are sure that you have a plan in your mind for what you are going to talk about in your video. But always remember no matter how many times you do revisions in your mind, there is a chance that you may forget some points. Therefore, it is always recommended to write down a few key points or bullets about your topic. This way it will help you not to miss anything important and at the end of the video, you will have successfully conveyed your message. 

Keep It Real

To produce high-end video content, many individuals think of doing edits multiple times before posting their video. However, it’s not always necessary to long for a perfect video as you may end up eliminating the essence of being real in your video. 


Don’t take the pressure of shooting a perfect video. Instead, aim for delivering your message most simply. Because above all, you need a video that can resonate with your audience rather than being only aesthetically pleasing.